Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Folktales, mythology and folklore.

  I have, in my opinion, a fairly decent collection of books on these subjects. I estimate the collection contains over 300 titles covering a wide range of topics. I had thought, at the outset of this blog, to occasionally post some of the stories or bits of folklore. Alas, I am at a lost as to what I should write. It appears that a few people are actually reading this thing, so I will refrain from writing about my depression and other problems. No one wants to read about that. I'm thinking of checking the calendar for holidays and observations that I can use for inspiration. Any other ideas?

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  1. I followed back from a link on a comment on The Bloggess and saw that you had this awesome topic for your blog!

    Maybe see if you like the way any of your books are put together more than the rest and post some in the order the book is put together? Not all from the same book, just organizing topics in the same way?

    Or you could be truly be random. Write about whatever you feel like reading about at the time. It would be interesting to read about mythology and pagan roots for christian holidays near the holidays.

    Looking forward to reading it all: Folktales, mytholgy and folklore.
    Best Wishes