Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My first post.

 I'm really new at this. I just want start off with an introduction. My name is Jim and I am newly moved to Columbia, Missouri. For the last ten years I've lived on a farm outside of Fulton, Missouri and before that I lived in St. Louis. I have had many occupations over the years, but in my heart I'll always be a librarian. That was my career in St. Louis and I hope to do it again someday.
  My interests are varied but primarily revolve around folklore, folktales, mythology and history. The title of my blog includes the name Linn Feic. This is a pool in the river Boyne in Ireland. It is mentioned in the legends of Fionn mac Cumhaill. It was believed to be the home of the Salmon of Knowledge.
  There is something else I must mention. I am Pagan. For many years my spiritual life was heavily influenced by the myths and legends of the insular Celts, those people who lived on the British Isles and Ireland. Over a decade ago I took a name to use among other Pagans. It is Finneces, and it is the last of several names I've used over the years.
   Finneces was a Druid who fished in Linn Feic (Fiac's pool) hoping to catch the Salmon of Knowledge. He had learned of a prophecy that someone named Finn would taste of the salmon's flesh and gain great wisdom and knowledge. He spends seven years trying to catch that fish. One day a 7-year-old boy wanders into his camp. On that day Finneces finally catches that salmon. He gives the boy the fish to cook, warning him not to eat any part of it. After a while, the boy sticks his thumb on the fish to see if it's done. He burns his thumb and puts it into his mouth. Suddenly he has the salmon's powers. When Finneces confronts the boy and demands to know who he is, the boys reveals himself as Fionn mac Cumhaill, later to become Irelands greatest hero.
  I see a lot of myself in Finneces. That's why I call my pursuit of knowledge fishing at Linn Feic. I have no idea what my future posts will be like. If anybody reads this and has suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them. In the meantime I'll just sign off for now.

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